Kris Steigerwald

Mobile | Generative AI | Product


Hello, world! I'm a passionate tech enthusiast with a robust blend of engineering prowess, leadership acumen, and an insatiable curiosity about the limitless world of software and AI. My journey in the tech realm began at AWS, where I designed and developed a novel facility monitoring application. This project not only earned me a patent but also cemented my love for crafting inventive solutions. Over the years, I've taken on various roles, from mentoring emerging talents at Capital One to pioneering mobile architectures at GameStop. My deep-seated passion for mobile development truly shines with my expertise in Swift and SwiftUI, platforms that have allowed me to create dynamic and intuitive mobile interfaces that enhance user experience.

My entrepreneurial spirit took flight with Learning Intelligence, where I took the reins in developing the AI-infused Quiz Makito, which has since garnered acclaim and stellar reviews on the App Store. But my thirst for innovation doesn't stop there. Whether I'm advising on startup tech selections, weaving together a cloud architecture for sba.gov, or diving deep into the intricate realms of blockchain with GameStop, I continually seek avenues to push beyond the conventional. Outside the coding matrix, you might catch me decoding the nuances of SEO or crafting engaging narratives for social media marketing. In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, I believe in the power of lifelong learning and am always ready to embrace the next big wave of innovation. Rest assured, if there's a groundbreaking solution on the horizon, I'm already on its trail!



When I'm not immersed in the digital world, I find solace in the vast expanse of nature and the rhythmic strings of my guitar. Snowboarding offers me an adrenaline-packed escape, carving paths down powdery slopes and feeling the crisp mountain air against my face. The outdoors beckons me, whether it's a serene hike amidst whispering trees or a quiet moment soaking in the sights and sounds of untouched wilderness. My fingers find their rhythm on the guitar, playing bluegrass tunes that echo the stories of heartland and heritage. But it doesn't end there. Another passion that stokes the fires of my creativity is penning down sci-fi tales. I recently celebrated a milestone by authoring my first novel, a venture into futuristic realms and the endless possibilities they hold.